Hi, thanks for stopping by. I am Gene (Gennady) Boldetsky, L.Ac., and certified Asian Bodywork therapist. GB Bodywork is a dear creation of mine where I feel happy and lucky, finally doing what I love and what I am destined to do. All dreams sooner or later come true, it just depends on how strong your wishes are and how many mistakes on your way to your goal you are able to avoid.

          A little about myself: I was born in Russia. I hope, I've managed to bring from this beautiful country with me to my Oriental Medical practice something special and very useful. Each country has its folk medicine experience, knowledge and wisdom, ignoring of which would be unwise. As wide we open up our hearts and brains, the more we can accomplish in this funny life, especially if we work in medical service. I am also honored and happy to add to my Russian engineering education:

             Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (Chicago) – Asian Bodywork Therapist 
             Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (Chicago) – Acupuncture Therapist
             Course of Visceral Manual Therapy with Prof. Ogulov (Moscow, Russia)
             Clinical Microscopy And Blood Cell Research In Biological Medicine (Chicago)

          I would like to thank all my teachers and instructors from Pacific and Midwest colleges, people who helped and keep helping me change my life the way I need. I thank Prof. Ogulov for priceless knowledge and practice experience. And biggest thanks to all my dear friends and colleagues for helping and supporting me.

With all my love
Gennady Boldetsky